With the increasing trend if iPhones, Siri software has come up into light. Needless to say that it has been introduced by the iPhone developers and considered as the highly exciting latest application incorporated in Apple iPhone 4S. It can convert your smartphone into personal assistant. If we talk about the history of Siri, originally it was brought out as iOS application to be found in App Store. And the report shows that later on this mind-blowing software was acquired by the highly popular manufacturer Apple Inc. on April 28, 2010.



Utilization of Siri Software

If we talk about the utilization of Siri, we must say that this brilliant software covers natural language processing for producing actions, making suggestions as well as providing solutions to different-2 queries. Adding to this, the highly innovative software uses installed iPhone applications to ascertain which very service the user is requesting for and how to respond for it. The function namely voice activation enables the users to calling people, sending text messages as well as for scheduling meetings and so on by using their own voice.

This is really an extraordinary software which grasps whatsoever you say and recognizes what user implies. Users can talk to Siri just as they talk to the people. You will be happy to know that it can pass along the message to user’s office administrative assistant such as type and send my memos. When your job is done, the job of Siri starts as it informs office admin via apps what exactly user wants to get done. You can also feel free to ask this software for recommending nearby restaurants, for instance, “Is there any Yo China restaurant nearby? Just after users will ask the query, Siri will start searching website based apps for finding out what user wants exactly.

Apart from that, makes no difference if want to write and send mails or text while being busy in driving car, walking or in any other activity because Siri can get all these jobs done within no time. Also, it can play desirable songs and with eh integration of GPS, it can also ensue users for navigational assistance. Schedules for your meetings and others will be stored in memory banks and the timer of Siri will alert you time to time accordingly. Even it can work as alarm clock, can predict for weather and so on. You can experience this wonderful facility by using the highly popular Apple iPhone OS and even on wonderfully featured Samsung Galaxy S2.