We are just few hours away from witnessing the most anticipated and hyped Galaxy Note 4 unveiling event at ‘Samsung Unpacked 2014 Episode 2′, Berlin. The popularity of the next generation smartphone has already reached its crescendo owing to the speculations and rumours about the device which has taken the tech market into storms. Standing at an inch distance from the unveiling of fourth generation Note, we are still unsure about what we will see revealed on-stage on 3rd September. There have been numerous leaks and reports about the fourth generation Note so far. Let us rewind everything and check the expected features of this device.

Technical Specification:

Let’s start with the technical specifications of Note 4. It is expected that the device will be an upgraded version of Note 3 rather than drastic changes. The Galaxy Note 4 is expected to feature QHD Super AMOLED 5.7inch display which has a pixel density of 515ppi. According to reports, the display will offer a resolution of 2560 x 1400p.
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We have been receiving latest and greatest update on our device every now and then. Here is the good news for the Nokia Lumia 920 users. According to the recent news, the Lumia 920 would get an official Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan update. Initially, the Lumia 920 has seen the update in much of Western Europe but now for nearly the rest of the world, the update is now available.

However, the Lumia 920 is less efficient than the current iteration Nokia Lumia 930, but we believe that the Lumia Cyan and Windows 8.1 update might bring some change for its speed and performance. The updated version of Lumia 920 may prove as a best deal for users who cannot afford recent flagship Lumia 930.
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The Nokia Lumia 930 is a great smartphone that features 20 MP rare camera. This camera clicks very stunning images with proper colour detail. If you haven’t believed over us then watch an amazing video “An epic journey to Mount Everest” with Stephen Alvarez and Lumia 930. This video is also attached below the story for your better experience.

The Stephen Alvarez is a camera person of National geographic channel. He got the assignment to shoot the Seven Wonders of the World and then started his journey from the Mount Everest. Stephen went to Nepal to capture the majestic beauty and extreme contrasts of Mount Everest, using the Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520.
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The fourth beta version of upcoming iOS 8 is became most desirable as many of us anticipating its public release. It includes several minor interface and modification that make beta feel both faster and more polished. Now its being tested by the developer as it is in beta stage. Today we are giving you the video that shows iOS 8 beta 4 vs iOS 7.1.2 speed on iPhone 5s.

As the current iOS 7.1.2 available for most of the device, it is always interesting to see how a new beta version shapes up against the present version in a speed test. However, the upcoming OS iOS 8 is in preview build but the embedded video reveals some insight info how things are working.
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Sony launched its recent iteration Xperia Z2 in February 2014. This device is in the third linage of Sony smartphone which focuses on sleek design and state of the art hardware. Its popularity reaches crescendo as it compacted with plenty of advanced features and intuitive mobile applications. On the other hand one year older phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is also doing well. Today we are giving you the cut throat comparison of Xperia Z2 with Galaxy Note 3. Let’s see the phablet with larger screen will able to beat the fast processor built Z2?

Design and display:

The Sony’s magical dose of technology, Xperia Z2 has 5.2 inch display with Full HD TRILUMINOS display which gives you razor sharp and clear images and videos. While Note 3 has massive 5.7 inch Full HD display which make your video and image watching experience ideal. But Z2’s amazing IPS technology make this device numero uno as this technology improved the viewing experience no matter which angle you are looking at your screen. With 146.8 x 73.3 x 8.2 mm dimension weighing 163 g, this Z2 is 5% lighter than phablet Note 3.
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