Valentine’s Day is though a week ahead but it seems that Nokia and HTC can’t wait any longer and the two firms have decided to end up their dispute on patents and become friends. Also, they have decided to licence their technologies and explore any further opportunities available in order to collaborate in future. Such a nice thing is not common in a world filled with a billion of court disputes.

Recently, we saw Samsung and Google finishing their battle and agreeing over making future business together. Nokia has made an official announcement on its website revealing that both the companies have settled down the pending litigation by entering into a new collaboration agreement on patent and technology.
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Apple’s management system gives a lot of emphasis on customer satisfaction. You might have come across many forums and blogs, where users can not stop praising about the quick redressal of their issues. In many cases, they just replace the device with a new one without any hitch. Now, to enhance user satisfactions, the company will soon introduce mobile payment services for the goods that you purchase.

The Cupertino mobile makers have rolled up their sleeves and are ready to win the market, a few days back we heard that it finally succeeded in making the sapphire glass screen for the upcoming iPhone 6 in collaboration with the manufacturing partner, Foxconn. Apple already provides this service, but for the purchase of its own goods and accessories, and extending it for the rest of genres, will be a great step.
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The Google Nexus 5 swanks the avant-garde software a FHD screen with Quad-core processor power. Now, you have an opportunity to get Nexus 5 or your Nexus 7 tablet with new look and 25% off cases on the Play Store. This Quarter sale is applicable on the Nexus 5 QuickCover and Bumper Case and to the Nexus 7 Sleeve, Case & Folio.

Google Nexus 7 has a zip-up Neoprene pouch Sleeve. It is offered in various colours like red, yellow, black and grey and its cost have been cut down to price £14.99. Case is the microsuede-lined cover which entirely covers up the Nexus 7 and it comes in white, grey and Black colour with red or blue lining. It can also be folded in the stand and its cost is £26.24.

Folio cover comes which encases the edges of the tab and left the back of the tab open. This comes in red and black colour and is priced worth £26.24. For the Nexus 5 the red, yellow and grey or the black with the rubber lining Bumper Case is worth £18.74. While, the Flap-over QuickCover costing £26.24 comes in white and black colour variants.

However, even after the off it is quite pricey £26. But, the Nexus 5 cases are somewhat affordable. Though, other accessories of the device are still at the full cost like Nexus Wireless Charger.

The recent KitKat update from Google for its operating system has significantly improved performance of the device including speed boost up. Android 4.4 has not even reached all the devices, and the software giant is planning another update already. We all know that Android is a third party friendly source and being an open source, it has engaged a large number of developers. As per the reports, the new update may take away this liberty from the developers.

It will affect the functionality of millions of apps developed for custom ROMs, leaving it useless. Chainfire, an Android developer found that an AOSP code preventing liberated domains from executing files on the partition. It will hamper functioning of the files on the data partition, if released. Devices like Galaxy Note 3, HTC One and Xperia Z1 will lose access to a considerable number of applications.
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The Taiwanese company has produced some amazing Smartphones last year. The overwhelming response for HTC One series from the customers certifies the top end quality and performance of the device. It also launched the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update a few weeks back and is all set to launch the Android 4.4 KitKat as well. However, as per the reports, the HTC One X will not be getting latest firmware version.

A news reported last week suggested that the company will start rolling out the latest version in just a few days, but and insider LabTooFer (a reliable source) tweeted that the top end devices, HTC One, HTC One Max, HTC One Mini and dual SIM HTC One will get the update somewhere between January to February.

He revealed the fact that devices based on the Android 4.4.2 Jelly Bean will receive the new update. HTC sense 5.5 user interface will be introduced and he also mentioned HTC One x, which will not be lucky enough to be KitKat’d. The issues are due to the Tegra 3 processor installed in the device, but nothing of this has been declared officially. However, the list of HTC devices getting this update, uploaded by the official site, included the HTC One X.

The LlabTooFer also hinted towards the arrival of HTC Sense 6.0, which was not coming before autumn. The user also confirmed the HTC M8 specs leaked by the evleaks, a few days back.