Motorola has also become a highly competitive name among the wide range of mobile phone brands. Couple of months back, Motorola has claimed for introducing Ice Cream Sandwich Update in array of its mobile phones. Motorola knows that smart people value having the latest and greatest technology on their devices. According to report of industry experts, Android 4.0 update will be introduced first in the Motorola RAZR and then Motorola XOOM in the second quarter of 2012.

And then with other Motorola Mobile phones e.g. the Motorola Xoom 2 and the Motorola XOOM 2 Media Edition will be getting Android 4.0 update in the third quarter of 2012. There is a good news for Motorola phone users is that Motorola RAZR and Motorola RAZR MAXX are still penciled in for Ice Cream Sandwich Update sometime during second quarter of 2012. While the bad news for Motorola fans is that few specific devices will not be receiving Ice Cream Sandwich Update of Android’s latest version.

It can be assured that in spite of being launched last Summer, the Motorola Droid X2 will not be blessed with Ice Cream Sandwich Update. Adding to this, on the condemned Gingerbread-only list is the Motorola Droid 3, as well as Motorola Milestone 3. Therefore, if anybody is still using any of these mobile devices, it will be smart idea to start thinking of replacing the mobile phone or one should mull over to install Android’s custom-made version.

Next to Motorola RAZR and Motorola RAZR MAXX, Motorola also repeat that the Motorola Droid Bionic and the Motorola Droid 4 are also in queue for receiving their updates anytime during third quarter of the this year. Though we cannot mention any specific month, but it is absolutely better to break an ice than remaining silent.